About Us

My company, which we laid the foundations of in 2019, started to serve as women's clothing in July 2021 after a year and a half of research and structuring. Due to high customer satisfaction and the support I received from my family , I looked for new opportunities  to carry this service to a higher level and expand my business . I talked to different companies and businessmen, but because of post pandemic era and fear of recession , I decided  to continue online for a while untill I can see the light  and meantime strengthen my online infrastructure. Of course, it was not an easy task. This was an area that I did not know or understand, but again, I believed that I could achieve this with the support of my family and friends.

I select the most beautiful and quality products for you one by one from the companies you trust , and I  present them to you with pride.




My story

Who am I ?

Burcu Yuksel

I am a housewife for 26 years, married, mother of 5 children.

As an entrepreneur minded woman, I have always  searched for opportunities, and tried to support my family throughout my life.

When I first started , I started with a very small amount that I saved . I always dreamed of establishing my own name, opening my own store, and brand. I have come to these days with the trust and support of my family and my housband, I hope that we will grow for better works and services together.

I express my gratitude to my family and customers who supported me and did not leave me alone.